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Assistance to Ngos

  1. «Зачем бизнесу спонсорство и благотворительность» (А. Векслер, Г.Тульчинский)
  2. «Супервизор в социальной работе» (А. Браун, А. Боурн)
  3. «Корпоративная социальная ответственность» (Ф. Котлер, Н. Ли)
  4. «Социально ответственный бизнес – путь к гражданскому обществу», справочник (Ю. Беловицка, В. Звонарь)
  5. «Социальная политика и социальная работа» (БФ «Источники»)
  6. «Как строить донорские партнерства», справочник (Террис Бесслер, Мейбл Смит)
  7. «Менеджмент социальной работы», учебное пособие для студентов (Е.И.Комаров, А.И.Войтенко)
  8. «Партнерские отношения, поиск средств, разработка проекта, управления проектом», пособие, для НУО, АРР «Донбасс»
  9. «Как правильно написать Ваш бизнес план», пособие
  10. «Состояние развития неправительственных организаций Украины в 2002 году», отчет ТЦ Каунтерпарт
  11. «Гражданское общество: коротко о главном», проект ЕС «Перестройка гражданского общества»
  12. «Настольная книга неприбыльных организаций» (А.Ткачук)
  13. «Справочник украинских тренеров, консультантов и экспертов, из оценки НУО Украины», ТЦ Каунтерпарт
  14. Совершенное пособие по тренинговой работе (Кай Торн, Девид Маккей)
  15. International organizations, reference book (Ulahovich V.e.)
  16. Government politics research, cycles and systems of the politics
  17. ID booklet ideas for inclusion @ diversity (Salto-youth)
  18. Reference book of socially oriented organizations and institutions.(Beljukina N., Takul A., Marchenko N., Chigirin S.)
  19. Chronicle of social movement in the Kharkiv district. People. Developments. Facts. (Kapinus N.m.)
  20. «South vector» of Ukraine’s euro integration strategy.
  21. Social politics. (Galanec V. G., Krasivskiy O.Ja.)
  22. Marketing researches in social sphere. (Sudas L.g., Jurasiva M.v.)
  23. Marketing of non-profit subjects. (Andreev S.n.)
  24. Social work in Ukraine. (Zvereva I.d., Loktionova G.m.)
  25. Development of local resources or entry into social investment. (Kraplich R.)
  26. Dictionary of social politics. (Semugina T.)
  27. Manual of NGO management “ Four steps to success”. CC “Caunterpart”
  28. Creative report 2006, Ugledar city
  29. Community collaboration: manual.Project “Community voice”.International center of prospective researches.
  30. 100 days of the new regime. Monitoring of the local authorities and intuitions of local governing work after the election period, 26 March, 2006. Committee of young voters of Ukraine
  31. NGO + government – а step to community. Creative project’s report in frames of the programme “Democratization of Ukraine: small projects’ programme”, 2005-2006
  32. Directory “Non-governmental organizations of Ukraine working on women’s and gender issues”
  33. Check-up: social insurance against accidents. 2006. O.Tatarevsky, S.Bereslavsky
  34. “Strong community – guarantee of well-being”. Final publication in frames of the project “Democratization of Ukraine: small projects’, 2006.
  35. “Way to the future”. Collected stories about the Ukrainian public organizations 2005-2006”. “Ednannia”
  36. “Customer care excellence, how to create an effective customer focus”. Sarah Cook.

For leaders of youth organisations and volunteers agencies

  1. Закон Украины о волонтерском движении
  2. Тренинг из волонтерской работы (ТЦ «Каунтерпарт»)
  3. Основы эффективного лидерства (Кэрол О’коннор)
  4. Гид молодежного лидера («Sida»)
  5. Молодежь для молодежи (Донецкий Молодежный Дебатный Центр)
  6. Исследование волонтерского (РЦ «Группа»)


  1. Information booklet on human rights for youth “Your rights”
  2. “Service in institutions of local governing”, course booklet (O. Lazor)
  3. “Tax politics in the European Union” (EC Representation in Ukraine)
  4. “Real stories: how the entrepreneurs defend their rights”
  5. “Social guarantee right in Ukraine” (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Odessa national juridical academy)
  6. “Normative and legal base of work of youth organizations”, booklet for young Ngos leaders
  7. Legislation of Ukraine about the local self-government (25.11.2005)
  8. National basis of civil law and State
  9. “Normative and legal base of work of social services centers for youth. (State center of social services for youth of the National Committee of Ukraine) Part 1

European Union

  1. Public politics of the EU (Donetsk youth debate center)
  2. Social politics of the EU (Donetsk youth debate center)
  3. Youth politics of the EU (Donetsk youth debate center)
  4. Political education in Ukraine: problems and prospective (Konrad Adenauer Fund)
  5. South vector of the Euro integration strategy of Ukraine (NGO Sevastopol forum)
  6. Between hopes and opportunities: Ec-ukraine relations, one year before the Orange revolution (Stephan Batoria Fund)
  7. Local government and social projects of Ngos, collection of materials for local authorities, Ngos and charitable funds. (The EU Project “NGO Development in Kyiv and selected regions of Ukraine”)
  8. We are Europeans, distribution materials. (Donetsk youth debate center)
  9. Poland – European Union: а way to the integration. (Donetsk youth debate center)
  10. Development of the integrated social services for vulnerable families and children. (The EU Programme for Ukraine)
  11. Project “Public education – Ukraine” (The EU Programme for Ukraine)
  12. Civil society: briefly about the principal. (The EU Project “Strengthening civil society”
  13. Role of Media In Promoting European Integration (Promoting Creator European Awareness in Ukraine)
  14. Europe at а crossroads, The need for sustainable transport
  15. More unity and more diversity (The European Union’s biggest enlargement)
  16. It’s your Europe, Living, learning and working anywhere in the EU
  17. Serving the people of Europe, How the European Commission works
  18. Key facts and figures about the European Union

Videos and disks

  1. Video “I want to live at home”
  2. Video Tourist guide to Poland”
  3. Disk “The Youth defines our future”
  4. Video “The decision is taken”
  5. Video “Social break”
  6. Disk “Private business development”
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