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The Project “Strengthening Civil Society”

Non-governmental organizations are the essential component of democracy in а social sphere as the professional social services providers. At the same time they are the important tool which defines social needs, presents them to the local authorities and the government as well as responds to these requirements offering indigent people а wide range of social services.

On the 13th of June 2005 the Project “Strengthening Civil Society” started its work in Ukraine. The overall objectives of the Project are to raise the capacities of Ngos providing social services in selected regions to act as agents of social change in their communities and to foster the collaboration of these Ngos and other civil society institutions with local government at the grass-root level by using innovative models of cooperation between these actors.

The European Commission Micro-grant Program

Targets and priorities of the Micro-grant Program

The main goal of the micro-grant program is а prompt reaction to the requests of the non-governmental organizations which spread and defend social rights and to the initiatives aimed at the development of Ngos and citizens’ well-being on the primary level.

To the target group of the micro-grant program belong people which are in crisis namely the homeless, the unemployed, children and families in difficult social situations, the elderly people, solitary parents, social orphans, persons dependent on chemicals, former prisoners and women who suffered from the violence and indignity.

Priority fields of financing:

  1. Services, aimed at increasing the efficiency of social work in order to satisfy the vital requirements of the community:
  • Social adaptation - educational, psychological and social arrangements for persons with special civil or social status, including the orphans, graduating students of boarding schools, the lonely elderly people, the childless, the invalids;
  • Social support - medical, psychological and social activities, directed to grant aid to diseased people, including individuals with abnormal changes in psychological and physical state of health;
  • Social reabilitation - medical, psychological and social activities for the drug addicts and alcoholics, former prisoners, children involved in prostitution, victims of violence or human traffic, persons with no permanent residence;
  • Social patronage – care of the elderly people, children, invalids and persons suffering from the chronic or acute diseases.
  • To Increase the opportunities for vulnerable levels of the population, their employment and social integration.
  • To foster the Ngos’ collaboration with local authorities on а decision-making process in а social sphere.
  • To encourage the philanthropy, volunteering and mobilisation of the Ngos’ target groups at the grass-root level.
  • Since the micro-project call had been announced (November 2005 – January 2006), the Donetsk SPC experts carried out 75 personal consultations for regional Ngos and organised 5 group consultations concerning the requirements and established criteria needed to follow while filling in the application forms: The consultations were held in Donets, Krasnoarmeysk, Torez, Gorlivka and Slavyansk.

    The European Commission has approved 13 projects, 6 of which will be financed in Donetsk region. The total financing sum is €176 256.

    These funds will be spent on the social support and rehabilitation services for vulnerable population strata in the region, namely: the invalids, orphans, former prisoners, as well as on creating of mutual aid tools among the vulnerable population strata, carrying out of educational and informational campaigns.

    Organisations and their projects which won grants for social initiatives’ financing in Donetsk region.

    Youth public organisation «М.Аrт.in-club» (Makiivka citi)

    Tel.: (062) 22 29 13, e-mail:

    „М.Аrт.in-club” was registered on the 6th of October 1999, according to the Law of Ukraine „About the citizens’ integration”. The organisation’s mission is the improvement of а social status among children and youth, inculcation of the humanistic foundations into the social institutes, monitoring of children’s and youth’s rights.
    The main results of „М.Аrт.in-club” activity are:
    - Foundation of «Rehabilitation and training center for children and youth being in crisis»;
    - «Theatre of civil changes». Carrying out of trainings for the active young people and NGO leaders, organisation and performance of social-oriented plays;
    - “Informed education”. Rendering of informational and educational services for teachers by means of making of а research and educational film about school problems and carrying out the public screening;
    - “Childhood without guardianship. Forming of approaches”, sociological research in а community of homeless children, working out the recommendations for the services whichare busy with children, financing by Freedom House-ukraine/isc 2005
    - «Preventive measures of children violence”, educational programme for teachers, partnership with the department for teenagers of Makiivka executive committee.

    The Project: “United aid for children”

    Youth public organisation «М.Аrт.in-club» envisages arranging conditions to help children under 18, which have no families in Makiivka city. The department of social services for children will be founded. Its staff will establish family relations, restore children’s documents and do а street job in а residential area. A mobile kitchen will serve the indigent children; а special ward for homeless children will be open in the local infectious hospital, the medical staff will be trained in the particularized methods of work with the presented children strata.

    The Charitable Fund «Our Home - Ukraine» (Donetsk city)

    Tel.: (062) 388 7777 e-mail:

    Donetsk regional Charitable Fund «Nash Dom - Ukraina» was founded in 2005 as the initiative of the realty centre «Nash Dom». The local charitable organisation is working in Donetsk region. The main conception of the Fund is the understanding of а human personality and its full creative life. A person is able to live such а life only if in his/her consciousness а cultural factor is present. Following this idea it is possible to change the society and teach people to value high cultural wealth.

    The main aim of the Fund is to consolidate all the resources for the sake of formation of the open and stable State.

    To inform the society about the Fund’s mission and targets а media holding was established. It consists of а magazine “Nash Dom”, а newspaper “Vse obo vsem”, а children’s magazine “Apelsin” and three Internet-sites. The production of several Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking magazines and foundation of а Tv-channel and а Radio-channel are in the project.

    The Fund is working at the following programmes:
    • Healthy nation
    • Children of Ukraine
    • Youth of Ukraine
    • Social partnership

    The Project: „The complex re-socialization program for the former prisoners”.

    The working up and approbation of the re-socialization program for the ex-prisoners is provided in the framework of the project.

    The project’s target group is individuals who spend time in prison and will be released in а year and persons who have been released from prison. The office worker of а penal system, local authorities and employment centre will be involved In the project’s activities.

    The main targets of the project are to carry out the informational campaign; to open the re-socialisation center for the persons who have been released from prison. The centre will provide а range of services such as legal and psychological consultations; accommodation and meals; job placement, development of а social business undertakings as well as social patronage.

    Kostyantynivka local public organisation „ Assistance society to the Hiv-positive” (Kostyantynivka city).

    Tel.: (06272) 2 08 24, е-mail:

    Actually, the organization as an association, evolved two years before its official registration. A few doctors and social workers who provided disease-prevention services among the youth and Hiv-positive, attempted to help the Hiv-positive people and drug users. This help was of current importance in cases when the medical staff and other governmental institutions were not able to render assistance. The legal consultations about Hiv-positive rights to medical treatment and work. The organisation was registered in Kyivski local executive committee on 24th of January 2001. (Minute №35).

    Since 2001 till 2005 the organization realized а number of projects aimed at Hiv-positive health improvement, decrease of а social discrimination and improving of the living standards among the Hiv-positive people and their families. Moreover the staff took actions on the prophylaxis among injection drug users, psychological before-test and after-test consultations, advice on Hiv-transmission from mother to child and legal consultations. Besides, the organisation made five syringes exchange posts, where the inject drug users can become professional help: syringes exchange, condoms and sanitary- educational materials distribution, peer-to-peer consultations, medical and legal advice, psychological and social support, rehabilitation services organised together with partner organisations.

    The Project: „Social patronage and consultative assistance to the Hiv-positive mothers and children, children born by Hiv-positive mothers”.

    This project aimed at carrying out of а social patronage and consultations, providing pecuniary aid and medical treatment for Hiv-positive mothers and children who have positive status. Total amount of clients is 55 persons and 50 indirect clients living in Kostyantynivka. During the project the beneficiaries will obtain food for babies, nappies, vitamins. Also the clients will be able to have medical and peer-to-peer consultations, help in upbringing and observing their children. The staff will be working at the improvement of physical and emotional situation of people and their families which suffered from AIDS disease.

    Donetsk regional public centre of sobriety and health improvement «Iskra» (Donetsk city)

    Tel.: (062) 386 81 90, е-mail:

    The public centre of sobriety and health improvement «Iskra» was founded for the purpose to help people, who can not give up alcohol abuse and are in difficult living conditions. The centre activity is also levelled at the assistance to the family members of the abusers.

    The main activities of the centre are:

    1. Social rehabilitation – therapeutic and psychological support of the alcohol abusers and their families.
    2. Realization of various preventive events among the teenagers.
    3. Social initiatives exhibition.
    4. Foundation of а computer club for street children.
    5. Social advocacy for people with Hiv/aids, alcohol and drug abusers.
    6. Carrying out of the researches with purpose to study the public attitude to the preventive measures.
    7. Publishing of the informational and educational materials for alcohol and drug abusers.
    8. Organisation and realization of the charitable auction in favour of the orphans.

    The project: «From help to self-help».

    The main project’s target: Implementation of the informational methods of socially-group therapy and rehabilitation of the alcohol abusers and their families by means of the organisation of the self-help clubs.

    Within the frames of the project effective mechanisms of the self-help clubs functioning will be activated.
    - The innovation principles of а group work: psychological and public assistance will be approved and implemented.
    - The informational and educational newspaper will popularize the “Club movement”, encourage people to search for collective decision to solve the alcoholism problems. The newspaper will become an important tool to influence on the local authorities politic in а social field.
    - The publishing of fairy tails about the harm of alcohol, their presentation and distribution in schools will help to strengthen the preventive work among the children.

    Donetsk city youth centre of arts “Ekoart” (Donetsk city).

    Tel.: (0622) 66 21 79, е-mail:

    Donetsk city youth centre of arts “Ekoart” was registered on the 19th of February 2001 as а public non-governmental organisation with an unprofitable status. The youth centre started its work with the realization of the Donetsk youth festival of arts EKOART” and is working productively up to now. The main activities of “Ekoart” are to support, develop and popularize the youth creativity, contribute to the social activity increase among the young people as well as information about the healthy way of life.

    The project: „Creative action for the young invalids “Rainbow bridge”

    The primary partner of the action “Rainbow bridge” is Donetsk city public organisation of children invalids “Raduga”.

    The project’s mission is:
    - to contribute to the social support, rehabilitation and adaptation of young invalids;
    - to find the most effective methods of the creative rehabilitation of invalids.

    To the target group belong young invalids with mental and psychical deficiency, ablepsia, deafness, mongolism, and poliomyelitis at age 14-30, which live in families and boarding schools in Donetsk region.

    During the project the following actions will be undertaken:

    • 2 round tables on the subject of rehabilitation of invalids;
    • 2 trainings on the creative rehabilitation of invalids for 25 volunteers and 30 experts;
    • the researches in the effectiveness of different art types for the invalids’ rehabilitation;
    • а summer camp to gather together 80 invalids from Donetsk region for creative work;
    • 300 copies of the creative and methodical books, 300 Cd-disks will be distributed among the citizens. • Organisation of three exhibitions where the young invalids will be able to expose their creative works.

    The alternative youth centre (Donetsk city)

    Tel.: (0622) 95 29 36, е-mail:

    The alternative youth centre was founded in 2001 and registered in 2002.

    The main activities of the centre are:

    • Struggle for national equality and against racism.
    • Educational work and propaganda of а healthy life style among the Donetsk youth.
    • Functioning of the day centre “The city of the sun” for the street children.

    During 3 years of its exsistence the organization has been working in the sphere of rehabilitation and right protection of children and teenagers:

    1. Social street work;
    2. Functioning of the day centre “The city of the sun” for the street children”;
    3. Organisation of the summer sport camps for children near Isyum city (Kharkiv region);
    4. Participation in the project “An actor in а hospital bed” implemented by Donetsk charitable fund “Dobrota”.

    In 2005 16 students from Donetsk Institute of social education did practical work in the day centre “The city of the sun”.

    Art-therapy action was carried out in the above mentioned centre. The painters were the patients of the mental critiques; they covered the walls with drawings.

    The project: „ Donetsk homeless children care – integration of the community efforts”

    The main project’s target is а development and propaganda of different voluntary forms of social care of street children. Making of an effective collaboration net on the local level and getting the authorities and Ngos to take part in rendering of socio-medical services to the street children.

    During the project on base of the centre “The city of the sun” the complex rehabilitation programme will be realized; а hot telephone line will be functioning.

    For the first time in Ukraine the street children will be invited to take part in services evaluation and planning; а film based on this materials and а specialized report will be prepared.

    These and other project’s materials will be distributed among people, who make decisions and work at the service rendering to the street children and poor population strata.

    Informational support of the organisations which have obtained grants from the EC.

    Donetsk Social partnership centre will approve the organisations which have won grants from the European Commission. The informational support includes the training programme that consists of the trainings for the above mentioned organisations in order to improve their managerial skills according to the EC rules.

    * Social Partnership Centre is representing “Strengthening Civil Society” Project in Donetsk region.

    The primary goals of Centres are:

    • assist in solving local problems in social sphere through uniting efforts of state authorities, local self-government and NGO sector;
    • increase social services provision level, introduce innovative approaches in social policy realization;
    • introduce closer collaboration of public and other non governmental organizations in civil society development processes.

    The SPC clients are the representatives of 16 public organisations. In the project’s frames they are entitled to the seminars, trainings, educational visits, technical support. These services help to strengthen their potential and ability to improve their services.

    Social partnership centre (Donetsk city)

    Donetsk, Mira ave. 2-b, office 609 tеl./fax: (062)34 000 34,

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