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First Open Conference “Sources of resources of public-useful activity: existing practice and perspectives”

In Donetsk during 23rd – 24th of April 2007 First Open Conference “Sources of resources of public-useful activity: existing practice and perspectives” took place. The representatives of Donetsk, Luhansk, Rivne, Sumy, Kherson and Chernovtsy oblasts, and also from Germany and USA took part in the event (totally 37 participants).

The conference occurred due to financial support of NGO Community of Donetsk oblast (Forum Syd) and EC project “Strengthening civil society” (TACIS). The organisators of the conference were Association of Social Partnership Centers in the representative of Eastern-ukrainian resource Center “Social partnership” and Donetsk city charitable foundation “Dobrota”.
The participants of the conference during 2 days discussed existing practice of survival of socially-oriented organizations of civil society (OCS) and the methods of resource attraction for realization of socially significant initiatives. Each participant had an opportunity to present own experience and took part in discussion of the questions concerning joint interests of organizations.
It’s important to mention that the majority of participants use generally accepted ways of resource attraction, namely assistance of international donors and budget financing. Some of participants make the affords to sale their services and few organizations had an experience of cooperation with business. Especially interesting for participants were the sections “Social enterprise” and “Community foundation”. Yakov Rogalin (“Dobrota” Foundation) who moderated the group “Social enterprise” proposed to organization to pay more attention to skills of their services sale, which would be sold only if they are really claimed for and correspond to needs of potential customers. Among main conclusions made in “Community foundation” group, which was moderated by Marigrace Deters (Minneapolis Foundation, USA) was the necessity of programs developments for wide publicity about social inclusion. Such education should be started from very early age. And in spite of that many aspects concerning development of Community Foundation still are not understandable for Ukraine it is important to develop this direction.
Conference participants made the decision to continue the started “forum” of experience exchange in questions of local resources attraction for solving of local social problems and strengthening of socially-oriented Ngos of civil society. Special open e-mail group will be created for this.

We express our gratitude for organisation who took part in the conference and to the following experts:
• Sheyhus Vladimir, the Head of the Board of EURC “Social partnership” (Donetsk, Ukraine)
• Rogalin Yakov, Director of “Dobrota” CF (Donetsk, Ukraine)
• Jamie Hopkins, Executive Director Connect/us-russia (USA)
• Marigrace Deters, Associate Vice President for Community Philanthropy Minneapolis Foundation (USA)
• Pinchuk Sergei, the Head of “Rivne center “Social partnership” (Rivne, Ukraine)
• Belukina Nataliya, The Head of “Social Partnership Center” (Sumy, Ukraine)


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