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Volunteers of all countries lets unite together! Creation of coordination center for international volunteers services in Donetsk

On the 11th of April in the premise of Nature House the presentation of the project “Creation of coordination center for international volunteers services in Donetsk” took place. The project is realized by Center “Social partnership” (SPC) with support of German Fund “Memory, responsibility and future”.

Representatives of public organizations, mass media, students’ youth took part in the event.
At the beginning of the event the specialists of the SPC presented main goals and tasks of the Center and the project aimed at solving of community problems and strengthening the process of positive changes in the society by means of active introduction of volunteer movement and involvement of citizens, especially youth into different volunteer activities.
Also project partners from Macedonia and Germany were presented. They told about volunteers activity in European countries and possibilities for youth to experience themselves as volunteers in the frames of different international programs.
Theory is nice but the most interesting for the young people was to listen to the ideas of experienced volunteers. For this the specialists of SPC invited to the meeting the former volunteer and now the specialist of Donetsk Debate Center Olga Sobchenko who worked in Poland for а year assisting to public youth organizations to implement different events for children and youth. Also the polish volunteer Ivanka Nedzyalkovska who is now working in Youth Employment Сenter conducting lectures for youth concerning gender shared her volunteer experience.
One of the most important components of SPC activity is designing the projects in the frames of European Union program “Youth in action” – European Volunteers Service. Donetsk Andrey, specialist of Donetsk Debate Center, expert in youth policy and volunteers movement told in details about activities of the program “Youth in action”; which conditions should potential volunteer fit with; which perspectives European Volunteer Service discovers and how to get there.
The meeting stimulated alert interest among the participants. Young people and representatives of Ngos had opportunity to meet again and communicate in non-formal atmosphere with а cap of coffee; to share ideas concerning joint activity and put the most practical questions to the specialists in volunteers activity.
At the present time Center “Social Partnership” is making the data base of young people who want to work as а volunteer for the sake of society not only in their native country but also abroad and the data base of Ngos which need volunteers’ assistance. So we invite all interested persons and organisations to join us!


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