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International volunteerism: theoretically and practically

One man of wisdom said that interest of the society in volunteerism is the first sign of its civilization. The fact that in Donetsk, Sumy and Cherkasy regions work volunteer agencies, proves that the Ukrainians want to know more about volunteerism.

Who are the volunteers? Why do the help other people?
In the first place volunteers are enthusiasts who are ready to work for а week, а month or even а year to their heartъs content and personal development, not for cash award. The award for а volunteer is work experience, appreciation of his work by other people, new friends and traveling. But in order to be а volunteer it is not enough only to wish, one has to be strong motivated and ready to turn plans into the doings.
On the 17th of September two informational seminars devoted to the international volunteerism and volunteer programs in frames of the project “Volunteerism without borders” took place in Cherkasy and Sumy. Students from different universities took part in the events. They learned about project’s tasks, successful stories, peculiarities and conditions of various short-term and long-term volunteer programs. The participants found out that there are Ukrainian organizations which organize international summer camps and provide all active people with opportunity to participate in long-term volunteer programs. During the meeting the project’s experts presented the “Youth in Action” program financed by EU,, namely European Volunteer Service (EVS), which offers young people aged 18-30 to take part in social volunteer projects in any European country. All travel, food, accommodation expenses, insurance and pocket money for а volunteer are reimbursed by this program.
If you are willing to join the international volunteer movement, you have to write а motivation letter and CV. How to do it correctly, you can learn during the practical training in Cherkasy on the 2nd of October.
Besides you can have additional consultations concerning volunteer issues by e-mail or personally on meeting the experts of Social Partnership Centers in Donetsk, Sumy and Cherkasy.
Such informational seminars and trainings which are the brilliant opportunity for youth to create а general idea about volunteerism are organized thanks to the German Fund “Memory, Responsibility and Future”. But we hope that in the future Ukrainian benefactors and government will be also interested in this perspective direction for development of the new generation.


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