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Youth for professionalism and qualitative education

Initiated by public organization “Alliance” in frames of the project “Promoting active citizen engagement (action) in combating corruption in Ukraine” on the 27-28th of September in premises of Makiyivka Institute of Economics and Humanities the conference devoted to the theme “Youth for professionalism and qualitative education. Economic aspect of nontransparent schemes of getting high education and overcoming mechanism of negative phenomenon in the future”.

About 40 participants from Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk regions took part in the event. Students, lecturers and Ngos representatives discussed corruption problems in educational system and designed further steps. During the conference volunteers from Peace Corp offered а topic for discussion, code of honour. The participants were interested in this theme. They came to the conclusion that an agreement among students and lecturers of educational institution has to be initiated by students. The students have to promote the idea – education without bribes, among their friends, relatives and lecturers.
Volunteers from EURC “Social Partnership” (SPC) and а coordinator of the Volunteer Agency Olena Smagliy assisted in preparation and conducting of the conference. Olena Smagliy and projects coordinator of British Council in Donetsk Svetlana Polyakova facilitated the event. The experience as OS facilitators they gained thanks to the international training "OST - Supporting the development and implementation of voluntary/youth work in established and emerging civil societies" which was conducted by foreign experts in July - August in Donetsk. Colleagues from Sumy and Cherkasy, who work with youth in frames of the project “Volunteering without borders” also took part in that training and are experts in OS facilitating.
Volunteer from Germany Christiane Niemann also helped in event organization. She learned а lot about the basics and format of Open Space conference and had an opportunity to meet and mix with the participants. Young people had many questions to Christiane they asked if she liked Ukraine, why she is interested in volunteering, what she does in а public organization “Martin-club” and what her plans for the future.
In general the event was held successfully, participants are pleased with their work and planning to implement their projects towards combating corruption in their educational institutions.


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