Social Partnership Council Regulations in Donetsk

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  1. Main regulations about the establishment of the Council.
  2. Field of activity of the regional Council.
  3. The main tasks of the regional Council.
  4. Membership of the organizations in the Council.
  5. Steering committee of the Council.
  6. Organisational work issues of the Council.
  7. Approval of Council’s decisions and resolutions.

1. Main regulations about the establishment of the Social Partnership Council.
Donetsk Social Partnership Council was established to provide closer co-operation among public non-governmental organizations and local authorities in the field of influence on the development process of the civil society in Donetsk region.
The Council is acting in the network of Project “Strengthening civil society “ that is aimed to solve local problems in social field by means of joining up efforts of local authorities, institutions of local governing and Ngos and provide them with advocacy; informational, technical and training support.

2. Field of activity of the regional Council.
The Council participates in discussions of social problems in а city, methods to overcome them. These methods are stipulated in the network of Project “Strengthening civil society”realization.
The establishment of the Social Partnership Council has its goal to work out а co-operation mechanism among local authorities and Ngos that will help to evaluate quality and effectiveness of social politic, which has been implemented in а region.
The Social Partnership Council works at the following issues:

  • Working out of а strategy to get the community to take part in decision making of the existing social problems.
  • Planning of the team-work activities to get over public indifference to existing social problems.
  • Establishing of the regional Council members network which will be participating in regional Ngos development.
  • The Council’s members should share their experience to assist social-oriented Ngos to improve а quality of provided services, project management and co-operation with the local authorities.
  • Working out of а mechanisms to get different population strata to participate in society problems solving.

3. The main tasks of the regional Council.

  • elaboration approaches and directions for Ngos cooperation with local authority towards civil society development;
  • providing all Council’s members with information about all events in the network of the project;
  • creation of the information e-mailing from SPC to Ngos and Council’s members, data exchange;
  • assistance in development of partnership relations among local Ngos in the region (PR, relations with mass-media, cooperation with local self-government));
  • taking decisions concerning joint activity implementation in the network of the project “Strengthening Civil Society” between Social Partnership Center and Council’s members, which has been directed at the main objectives in the Project;
  • consultations among Council’s members on issues which demand а decisions making, if it necessary.

4. Membership of the organizations in the Council.
Participation of the local Ngos in the Social Partnership Council is on а voluntary basis, with principles of common co-operation for strengthening positions of organizations providing social services, development of social partnership in the region, and this cooperation must exclude private interest and involvement for taking benefits from the membership in the Council in the network of the Project work. Inviting new organizations to the Social Partnership Council must be submitted to Council’s members’ approval. If an organization was refused to enter the Council board, in that case the refusal should be explained.
The Social Partnership Council will be formed of Ngos leaders, local self-government and local authority representatives.

5. Steering Committee of the Council.
Steering Committee of the Council is а general meeting of Council’s members. The Protocol and list of present members is kept during the meeting. Also, during the meeting the next Council meetings are fixed and the most crucial questions are discussed.

6. Organizational issues in the Council’s work.
The questions, which will be announced at the meeting, must be directed at the project’s activities, it should be given recommendations concerning the organization of project events and different consultations for development of civil actions in the region. The Social Partnership Council will be an advisory body in the project work in the region.

7. Approval of Council’s decisions.
Decision approval is reached by voting and is decided by majority voters. The copies of the meeting Protocol must be distributed among all Council’s members.

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