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Volunteer Agency “Charitable space”, which was founded on base of EURC “Social partnership” is implementing the project “Creation of the coordination center for the international volunteer services in Donetsk” with the support of German Fund “Memory, responsibility and future”

Our mission:

to promote the strengthening of civil society through activation of volunteers’ movement on

Our target:

to encourage people in voluntary work in the public organizations and official institutions in order to popularize and develop volunteers’ movement in Donetsk region.

Agency objectives:

  • to create positive volunteers image in the society;
  • to promote the practical training and education of the volunteers to improve their professional level;
  • to learn and analyze “the market of volunteers activity”;
  • to create and update the database of the volunteers and organizations;
  • to co-ordinate the cooperation of the volunteers with the organizations and institutes, which need the volunteers help;
  • to promote the popularization of positive experience of volunteers activity.

Who can be our client?

The clients of volunteer agency are individuals, who are willing to do socially useful work. The public institutions and unprofitable organizations which are interested in attracting of the volunteers in their activities.

Useful for organizations:

  • co-operation with charitable funds, public and states institutions;
  • information exchange and accessible on-line database of the volunteers and organization;
  • assistance in involvement of volunteers into the realization of various activities aimed at improving the invalids standard of life, people with HIV infection, orphans and deprival groups of people

Useful for the volunteers:

Volunteers work helps you to:

  • obtain the experience of working in а team;
  • learn how to work with office equipment, Internet or computer;
  • develop the organizational qualities, up-grade the qualification and feel more confident;
  • learn practical aspects of future professional occupation;
  • take participation in educational events;
  • be useful for the society.

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